Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Adventure

Well, the weekend was quite productive for me! I was out in the boonies, no tv, no radio, very few people! Nothing to do but haul out my tools, wire and tutorials and have equal parts of fun and frustration! lol As you can see, I completed 2 bracelets and five rings, oops, make that 6, one ring didn't make it into the group picture. I really like the brass wrapped round copper ring, it is very pretty.


  1. oh these are wonderful! I love this ring and I think I might have to give bracelets a try too... I've only been working on copper pendants and just put up some scarf pins, but what you do is very inspiring! Have a good day.

  2. Thank you, I've been out of town, or I would have responded sooner!

  3. hi
    your work is inspiring and very beautiful,have just started and I am in awe of you
    new to wire wrapping jewelry list