Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday As Promised

Well, I didn't promise Monday exactly, but I did promise pics of the 12 g Copper wire I beat into submission over the weekend! And here it is! The squiggle is 12g with fresh water pearls and I think enameled star fish with solid copper beads on 16g hand made head pins. The coil part is 12g core wrapped with 16g and large solid copper spacers. It was fun to make, not near as agonizing as some of my stuff! lol

On other fronts, it's a chill and dreary day here in my part of Texas. I went into town this morning to run errands, and of course forgot it was Presidents Day! Stinkin' federal holidays! Apologies to anyone enjoying a well deserved day off!! I just have a package that I wanted to mail to a customer TODAY! Oh well, boo hoo for me! (snort)
So back to town tomorrow for another trip to the post office, cause of course I didn't just do the postage on line, I have got to start remembering to do that so I can just give it to my mail man.

I have more squiggles to decorate and incorporate into fun necklaces and bracelets, maybe even something bea u tiful!! (snicker)

Please enjoy the pics, comments welcome and desired!!

Elm the Green Dragon

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