Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Adventure

Well, the weekend was quite productive for me! I was out in the boonies, no tv, no radio, very few people! Nothing to do but haul out my tools, wire and tutorials and have equal parts of fun and frustration! lol As you can see, I completed 2 bracelets and five rings, oops, make that 6, one ring didn't make it into the group picture. I really like the brass wrapped round copper ring, it is very pretty.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday As Promised

Well, I didn't promise Monday exactly, but I did promise pics of the 12 g Copper wire I beat into submission over the weekend! And here it is! The squiggle is 12g with fresh water pearls and I think enameled star fish with solid copper beads on 16g hand made head pins. The coil part is 12g core wrapped with 16g and large solid copper spacers. It was fun to make, not near as agonizing as some of my stuff! lol

On other fronts, it's a chill and dreary day here in my part of Texas. I went into town this morning to run errands, and of course forgot it was Presidents Day! Stinkin' federal holidays! Apologies to anyone enjoying a well deserved day off!! I just have a package that I wanted to mail to a customer TODAY! Oh well, boo hoo for me! (snort)
So back to town tomorrow for another trip to the post office, cause of course I didn't just do the postage on line, I have got to start remembering to do that so I can just give it to my mail man.

I have more squiggles to decorate and incorporate into fun necklaces and bracelets, maybe even something bea u tiful!! (snicker)

Please enjoy the pics, comments welcome and desired!!

Elm the Green Dragon

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Pretties

It's Sunday! Thought I'd post a few pics of my jewelry, please feel free to comment, constructive thoughts always welcome!
The necklace is constructed of solid copper washers, beads and a handmade clasp. The gorgeous Turquoise is from Magpie Gemstones the most wonderful supply of gemstones and turquoise on the web! That store can get a girl in serious trouble! I love it! In fact most of my beads are from Szarka's online store, great customer service and beautiful beads, what more could you ask for!? Okay, commercial over! (snort)
The earrings are lovely fresh water pearls and copper with sterling silver leverback ear wires.
It's a beautiful day here in West Texas, sun's shining, sky's blue, blue and cloudless. For some weird reason I saw the sunrise this morning, it was pretty but way too early! I've been working on a copper bracelet, just need to figure out what type clasp to put on it. Hopefully will have a picture to post of it tomorrow.
Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

This and That

Well time for post 2! Happy Valentines day! This would be a much better day if my DH didn't have to work 12 hours! Oh well! My wonderful sister gets to have her man with her today, he's home on leave from Iraq. Of course, they'll be spending the day watching my nephew play soccer! Go Connor!!
I squiggled some heavy gauge copper wire yesterday and then beat it into submission and flatness on my anvil (the 55 lb.variety) with my trusty 5lb sledge hammer! That was great fun! Now today maybe I can figure out what type jewelry to make with them! lol I'm thinking bracelets, we'll see.
Not much happening today, a front came through last night and really cooled it off, high of around 60 today (don't hate me, I just live here! snicker) so being inside is appealing.
Must go into studio, must spend time in studio.... eek! Sometimes my new studio intimidates me! Of course that could be because I'm a messy artist! Once I get started I forget to put things back when I'm done with them!!! So today I must go clean up my bench, I must, I must, I might? I WILL.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I Did It!!

Well what do you know, I finally took the plunge and started this blog! Now all I have to do is figure out what to write! lol
Let's see, a little about myself maybe? I'm a transplanted Yankee who considers herself a Texan after 30 years in the Lone Star state! I'm happily married to the same fellow for almost 29 years, one lovely girl now in college,
wheeee, empty nest!!!! I'm owned by 4 cats and 1 dog, live in the country, make jewelry and occasionally clean house.

I love making jewelry, mostly I'm a stringer with some wire art additions. I'm in love with handmade lamp work and semi-precious gemstones, and the odd (odder the better! lol) found object. I've been crafty all my life, I think I made my first necklace at age 4 in vacation bible school! Don't you just love macaroni! lol I tried many different things over the years, sewing, stamping, painting, clay, but about 4 years ago the jewelry finally took over and push everything else to the back burner! Three years ago I realized I was making way more than I could wear or give away and decided to try my hand at selling. We have a wonderful artist venue here called the Old Chicken Farm Art Center that hosts a 1st Saturday of the Month for outside vendors like me! I truly enjoy this once a month oddessy even when the temps soar into the 100's. I've met wonderful people from all over the country, sold a few things and made some great new friends!! If you're ever out in the San Angelo area on 1st saturday come by and say howdy!