Saturday, February 14, 2009

This and That

Well time for post 2! Happy Valentines day! This would be a much better day if my DH didn't have to work 12 hours! Oh well! My wonderful sister gets to have her man with her today, he's home on leave from Iraq. Of course, they'll be spending the day watching my nephew play soccer! Go Connor!!
I squiggled some heavy gauge copper wire yesterday and then beat it into submission and flatness on my anvil (the 55 lb.variety) with my trusty 5lb sledge hammer! That was great fun! Now today maybe I can figure out what type jewelry to make with them! lol I'm thinking bracelets, we'll see.
Not much happening today, a front came through last night and really cooled it off, high of around 60 today (don't hate me, I just live here! snicker) so being inside is appealing.
Must go into studio, must spend time in studio.... eek! Sometimes my new studio intimidates me! Of course that could be because I'm a messy artist! Once I get started I forget to put things back when I'm done with them!!! So today I must go clean up my bench, I must, I must, I might? I WILL.

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