Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How I Wasted My Weekend or Showing in the Rain!

My goodness it's been too long since my last post! Lots has happened, my darling daughter has been retrieved from college for the summer, which means I have to pack up winter clothes and clean out dressers and closets so there is space for her stuff again!! lol
But for my more recent doings and in explanation of the title, I spent the weekend at a local 2 day event whose name I will not mention! Billed as a craft show, (ha!) I was dismayed and appalled to find it most resembled a flea market! I found that only a small percentage of the booths offered hand made items! The majority was cheap resale, and I do mean cheap! And not more than half of the hand made items were quality!
Saturday was exceedingly long, I started setting up at 8:00am, we opened at 10:00am and the rain started about noon I think and lasted at least 4 hours, oh joy. :{ The organizers asked that we stay open until 8:00pm which I did,(several didn't) break down took about 45 minutes, then 15 minutes visiting, then the 30 minute drive home. OMG was I tired! All I could do when I got home was hit the shower and then bed!
Sunday dawned cloudy but dry, thank goodness, opening hour was noon which was nice, but a wasted effort! Not one sale on Sunday and only 2 on Saturday! Only made enough to cover half the booth fee!!! What a lesson for me! From now on I will make every effort to attend before I show!
It wasn't all bad, I met some lovely people, Patti who is a member of one of the groups I belong to on Yahoo was there cooking with her very nice hubby Ron!
It's always fun to meet in person, folks you know online! The park where the event was held is beautiful, lots of huge old trees for shade, plenty of electrical outlets for the lights I had to use, people were very nice and complemented my work often, but only two buyers, sigh.
Oh well, a learning experience for sure, one more show I won't waste my booth money on. I think I will go again next year, but only as a spectator!

Thanks for listening!


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