Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beautiful Day!

What a beautiful morning! (Isn't there a song in there?) Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!! Remember pinching is not necessary to enjoy the day!! lol
I found myself awake early today, so after collecting my am tea and all the pets, outside we went to sit and enjoy the gorgeous sunrise! And lovely it was, just being able to sit out side that early without a coat is wonderful! This is why I love Texas, yes it gets really, really hot during the summer months,
but the mornings are absolutely wonderful!
We actually got rain last week (happy dance here) not enough of course, but the first we've seen in months, (and I do mean months) I don't think it was enough for them to lift the burn ban, but the authorities are thinking about it. Like we don't have enough problems with grass fires, let's let everyone out here in the county start burning their trash again!!! NOT! (Whoops, bad dragon, no ranting this morning!) ;>\
I actually cleaned yesterday, (yeah, yeah I know, what a shock!) the back enclosed porch where the cats hang out finally got to the "I can't stand it!" level, which leads to Mr. Clean (what a handy
guy! ;>D) and clorox! Move the movables outside, hose them down, sweep, mop, wipe walls, cuss cats who are of course laying around looking at me like I've lost my mind, they're very good at that.
So that was my day yesterday, today I hope to get back to my jewelry, see y'all later!
The Green Dragon

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